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This racing powerboat drive is a bit mad. In fact, we can’t quite believe we can even offer this as an activity, as you’ll be out on the lake solo, driving a single seater F4 class racing powerboat. Accelerating off in one of these race-prepped catamaran-hulled waterborne beasts is not for the fainthearted!


Of course, safety is paramount on all F4 power boat experiences, so you’ll undergo full training before you’re allowed to pilot the powerboat. What's the best way to learn how to drive a powerful F4 racing powerboat? Ride as a passenger in an even more powerful two seater F1 race boat, that’s how! Your race coach is an expert, having regularly competed in official race championships around the world. The F1 boat is the top of the racing classes - and capable of speeds of up to 120mph, whilst pulling up to six Gs. As you go full throttle out on this 33-acre lake, you’ll get an insider view, thanks to the side-by-side configuration, on the racing lines you need to take - albeit at such a high rate of knots that it might be too fast to take in. Some slower laps later and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect when it’s your turn to pilot the F4 boat.


Many F1 powerboat pilots make their first waves in these F4 powerboats. But you won’t be spectating, you will actually be that powerboat racer out there.

F4 Powerboat Driving Experience with 2 Seater F1

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