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Drive one of our F4 single-seater Full Race Powerboats with a racing pedigree. You'll be taught how to master the circuit in our F1 2 Seater before taking the controls of the F4 on your own. 


We'll give you a safety briefing by our Rescue Team using our own 'dunk' cell (no you don't get wet) and shown how to exit the boat safely. Whilst in the boat you will be in constant radio contact with the team, and if they look like your getting into trouble they hold a remote engine cut-off device.


Paired with an experienced powerboat driver, your session starts with laps in the awesome F1 2 Seater, capable of around 120mph, and up to 6Gs in the corners. You'll be shown how to the controls of a powerboat work whilst learning the optimum racing lines.

You will then be strapped into an exhilarating F4 powerboat and be challenged to set a sequence of solo flying laps! And you'll take away a print-out showing your progress and lap times to keep forever, along with a certificate.

We use 2 F4 boats, a Baba and a Lonnberg, both with current spec racing engines, paddle trims and full safety equipment. 

Spectators are permitted for no additional charge.


The driving experience will last approximately 2 hours in total, including registration, briefings, 30 minutes' driving time in and a high-speed passenger laps in the F1 2 Seater.

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